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Dance theater


The performance 3rd completes Freestyle Phanatix’ trilogy about human evolution, identity and future.

From Newton’s third law of motion, that describes action and reaction, 3rd focuses on humanity’s

actions and its consequenses. What happens when we collide? What happens when our individual

spheres meet? What effect do our actions as individuals, society and culture have on a global level? Will

our ancestors choices or lack of choices catch up with us? Will our life style and consumtion affect us

within our lifetime? Even if the connection between us, our environment and the planet is not always

clearly visible, we are tighty linked as an organism and we are of considerable importance in each

others worlds.


Producer: Freestyle Phanatix, director Kim Bøytler

Choreographer and artistic direction: Sara Jordan

Text, concept and music: Sara Jordan

Dramaturgy: Winnie Karnofka

Dramaturgical consultant: Jeanette Munzert

Costume: Sara Jordan

Performers: Melinda Jacobsson, Egil Løfberg, Bobby Obeng Atiedu, Matt Baricaua, Rico Coker

Technical arrangements

Contact us for further information

Building time: 120 minutes before, 60 minutes after performance


• Performance 1: 3000 €

• Performance 2: 2000 € (same day and same stage)

Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the price.

Please contact us when audience exceed 300. The performance kan be combined with workshops in breakdance/

streetdance, rap & beatboxing


mobile: Kim, +4561716890


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