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Dance theater

A show about the liberation and the limitations of the body … and Swan Lake in funky freestyle.
Black Swan Lake is a cool fairy tale created by Temu Bacot and Phax Ahamada. We follow the main character from the darkness of the backstage dressing room and into the limelight of what is perhaps his last chance: an audition for the ballet Swan Lake. The show opened in Dansehallerne and apart from a Danish tour, it will go to Sweden as well.
Producer: Freestyle Phanatix
Choreography: Temu Bacot and Phax Ahamada
Music: Temu Bacot
Dancers: Temu Bacot and Phax Ahamada

Duration: 40 min.
Age groups: 8-99

Black Swan Lake is partly funded by Refusionsordningen and Formidlingsordningen

"It was fantastic!!! It was an amazing and beautiful experience and all the kids were 100 per cent riveted. And there was an extra feature where all the children who had taken dancing lessons jumped up and joined in. The teachers were thrilled as well.”
Stine Tange, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

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