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Freestyle Phanatix explores creative power by playing with the number 8. This number has long been the backbone of much hiphop and rap music via the classic construction of beat and lyrics; the eight beats in a line, the ‘eight bars’ to be found in a chorus and the 2 times 8 bars that make up a verse. In Cre8ivity, this classic pattern reaches new dimensions, and the number 8 turns out to be the key number of life and creativity.
Look forward to a fantastic show with cool and beautiful dancing set to delicious music – from straight classic to hard rock.

Check out Freestyle Phanatix’s tour dates for upcoming performances

PRODUCER: Freestyle Phanatix.
CHOREOGRAPHERS: Anja Jørgensen and Freestyle Phanatix.
DRAMA CONSULTANT: Peter Dupont Weiss.
ARTISTS: Tunde Adetunji, Matt Baricaua, Mohammed Sweilem, Jais Kevin Kleinerman, Emilio Sanchez, Rico Coker, Bobby Obeng Atiedu.

DURANCE: 40 min.

Cre8ivity is partly funded by Refusionsordningen and Formidlingsordningen

The show is also funded by BG-Fonden

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