E-Boy – a poetic breakdance-performance about evolution

Millions of years ago before mankind and existance as we know it, took form. That is where and when the breakdanceperformance E-boy starts.
The audience follows five artists that through breakdance transforms into one cell organisms to apes and then cavemen and eventually Homosapiens sapiens. The performance explores how our basic instincts work and operate in our electronic age. And also what it means for our humanity to exclude and remove the weak and feeble.

The traditional B-boys are challenged to move into a modern world of electronic sounds and input from classical music. Athletically, explosively and poetically breakdance is used to tell a strong story about the history of evolution, right up until today.

Producer: Freestyle Phanatix
Choreography and artistic director: Sara Jordan
Synopsis, idea and music: Sara Jordan
Dramatist: Bush Hartshorn (Creative director, Dansehallerne)
Costume: Sara Jordan
Artists: Bobby Obeng Atiedu, Matt Baricaua, Rico Coker, Aleandro Karipidis, Tunde Adetunji.

Audience: 6-99 years old

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