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With ”R” Sara Jordan & the streetdance company Freestyle Phanatix continue the cooperation from the successful ”E-boy”, a performance that showed our human evolution and looked at group mentality and the journey into today’s electronic age and beyond.

In ”R” five breakdancers invite us into an exploration of their time, who they are and the past that has made them the individuals they are today. Inspired by their own history the dancers take us through reflections on their own struggles and victories; the arrival in a foreign country, the challenges of learning a new language and culture and of becoming the best versions of themselves in new surroundings. Pressure from inside and outside create both despair and dreams, and not least important a confrontation with their own personalities.

Dance is the universal language. ”R” is a story told through breakdance and music – athletic, explosive and poetic experiences awaits the audience, and demands reflection through a dynamic expression. The performance is followed by a Q&A session with the dancers.

”E-boy”, ”R” and ”3rd” are independent stories, but they can also be combined as a triology.


Producer: Freestyle Phanatix

Choreography and artistic direction: Sara Jordan

Text, concept and music: Sara Jordan

Dramaturgical consultant: Bush Hartshorn (Leader at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen)

Costume: Sara Jordan

Light design: Andreas Buhl

Performers: Bobby Obeng Atiedu, Matt Baricaua, Rico Coker, Melinda Jacobsson, Egil Løberg.


• Performance 1: 3000 €

• Performance 2: 2000 € (same day and same stage)

Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the price.

Please contact us when audience exceed 300. The performance kan be combined with workshops in breakdance/streetdance, rap & beatboxing.


Kim, +45 61716890 -

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