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Freestyle sensation

- Hip hop performance with artista from Freestyle Phanatix

Freestyle Sensation is our new show after Beatbox Sensation. With choreography and direction by Kim Bøytler and music by the participating artists, we have created a show that is both an innovative extravagant display of the best artists in their genres and a comprehensive overview of the elements of hip hop.

Freestyle Sensation tours with 6 artists who, with the elements of hip hop as an expression, show their absolute utmost and best.

Since the group's start in 1998 with "History of Breakdance" at the Opera in Malmö, Freestyle Phanatix has been a forerunner in producing hip hop performances that meet the standards of their time, performances that have been faithful to the ideals within hip hop.

Peace, Unity, Love & Having Fun is hip hop's basic message.

In this new performance, that motto is only the approach! The performance goes much further, we take breakdance, rap, beatboxing & streetdance and make a performance that is interactive with artists on stage who use scenography, projection, sound design and lighting design to show their expertise genre in a traditional and also new perspective and a stage that is as alive and present in the performance as the performers are.

Now Breakdance is celebrated around the world, and is part of the Olympic disciplines and two of the artists in this performance are part of the Swedish Olympic group!

Knowledge and talent and hard training are rewarded, and it is a mainstay of the show! Freestyle Sensation is a big and clear step into the 2020s, and does not compromise the heritage and values ​​that are Real Hip Hop. A performance in time and which shows where hip hop can go in the future.

We want to showcase Hip Hop culture, which is fundamentally about peaceful competition, talent against talent.



Audience: All ages


Språk:English, Danish, Swedish

Perfomances per day:3

Credits::Production: Kim Bøytler / Freestyle Phanatix