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- Breakdance, Streetdance & Beatbox performance

Beatboxers can do cool ,awesome and funny sounds, their voice can mimic musical instruments in an imaginative way, and make it something really unique.
In ”Beatbox Sensation” the audience meets two beatboxers in a dialogue that is mirrored by dancers who visualise what the musicians are ”saying”. The dancer presents the music for the audience, using music as an experience and let it be inspiration for movement.

The performance is a tribute to the multifaceted culture that started in New York and Los Angeles. A movement of body and voice, a movement through time and a cultural movement that has had a great impact in the world. The forth generation of artists in Freestyle Phanatix show the audience how important the core values of hip hop is still today. And as needed as when they where created in the New York ghettos; Peace, Unity, Love & Having Fun is the message and frame for Beatbox Sensation

Community and creating together is portrayed on stage as a counterweight to social media, screen time and online distraction. The performance is a physical embodiment of that being good at something - knowing something really well - is enough proof that you ”are someone”. This is worth more than any negative impressions or input made to hold you back or down.

Beatbox Sensation is an interactive performance and will captivate any audience, who will experience what a fantastical live instrument the human body can be, and how dance can be shaped and enhance the live music. The performance is concluded with a Q/A session with the audience

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All ages


English, Danish, Swedish

Perfomances per day:

Production: Kim Bøytler / Freestyle Phanatix
Music: Maurizio Addone & Philip Nordström

Video design: Ferhat Düz




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